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What is High Performance Wallet

High Performance Wallet is a unique Global E-Wallet service that fuses the cryptocurrency, using Bitcoin based blockchain, and a debit card linked to a bank account.

It is possible to send and receive Bitcoin, and to send and receive legal currency.

A system which allows instant remittance processing through High Performance Wallet.

High Performance Wallet provides safe, fast and convenient overseas money transfers.

By using High Performance Wallet, you can send money to family and friends overseas in a short time at lower cost.

For example

Hanako, lives in Japan, sends money to her friend, Mark, who lives in the United States.

Usually, Hanako-san has the only way to send money to Mark-san, which is to send money overseas using a bank.

The fees for overseas remittances are high, and it takes 2-3 days at the earliest to receive the money.

However, if Hanako-san and Mark-san have a High Performance Wallet account, they can send money instantly.


Send money instantly with High Performance Wallet


Hanako’s High Performance Wallet charging method

How can Hanako in Japan send money to Mark in the US?

  1. Deposit Bitcoin into Hanako’s High Performance Wallet account
  2. Convert Bitcoin to digital USD within High Performance Wallet
  3. Send digital USD to Mark’s High Performance Wallet account
Mark-san’s how to use.

How can Mark use the money he receives from Hanako?

  1. You can charge your High Performance Wallet card and use it for shopping at VISA affiliated stores around the world.
  2. The High Performance Wallet card can also be used to send cash from participating ATMs around the world.
  3. It can be used for online transactions by sending money to High Performance Wallet member stores.
  4. You can immediately send money to other friends who use High Performance Wallet.

What are the benefits of High Performance Wallet?

High Performance Wallet is a High Performance Walletment service that is very convenient for sending money between individuals and using internet merchants.

When selling products targeted at global users, it is necessary to settle in different currencies by country, but using High Performance Wallet enables settlement in all currencies.

The convenience of High Performance Wallet stands out when you travel abroad and convert to local currency.
By using your High Performance Wallet card and withdraw cash at a local ATM, you can save a lot on exchange fees.

By sending money internally with High Performance Wallet, you can send money to family, friends, and acquaintances overseas in real time and the receiver can receive funds in real time.

Memberships of online shops that sell products overseas are highly satisfied as a payment method.
It is also used by many individual users who are preparing for overseas travel or who are concerned about high fees for overseas money transfers.
In particular, it is equipped with a cryptocurrency and its currency exchange function, and provides a unique payment function to individuals and companies who need to send and receive cryptocurrency, exchange money, and make deposits and withdrawals in fiat.

Global customer

$ € ¥ ₹ ₩

Settlement in local currency

Global business


Borderless currency exchange



Providing products and services to online shops in China

Transfer of product price to Japanese vendor
You can receive payment in real time with High Performance Wallet.


How to apply for a High Performance Wallet account?

In just 3 minutes, you can open an account with a very simple procedure. account

Items to prepare

ID card issued by a national institution

Passport, driver’s license, identification card, etc.

Which merchants can use High Performance Wallet?

The merchants affiliated with High Performance Wallet are distributed in various fields such as online shopping malls, online gaming companies, and foreign exchange trading companies.
Users are able to use High Performance Wallet instantly in real time at affiliated shops, and are satisfied with its convenient usability.

“Instant deposit/withdrawal completed!”

High Performance Wallet User

Payment is
completed instantly!

Withdrawals and refunds are
completed instantly!

High Performance Wallet member merchants

How can an online shop member (merchant) receive payment from a customer?

You can check the payment amount of the customer in real time with the High Performance Wallet account registered by the merchant (merchant).
If you want to withdraw the payment amount, you can withdraw by overseas remittance or debit card.

“I want to withdraw the payment from the customer...

The High Performance Wallet account is linked to the bank account, and you can withdraw with a debit card.
Alternatively, you can withdraw money by sending money to the overseas bank account of the member store with SWIFT.

Impressions of customers using High Performance Wallet

“I use High Performance Wallet to send money to my parents. It’s very convenient and helpful. It took about 3 days to transfer money and the fee was high, but now I am happy to use High Performance Wallet for my whole family.”


“I like traveling abroad and I often go abroad. I always have to pay fees for exchanging dollars and euros. I was always worried about the high fees in other minor currencies. Now High Performance Wallet card has solved my worries. ATMs can be used to withdraw local currency anywhere in the world, and the fees are low, making it very convenient!”


“I use foreign exchange firms for Forex trading, but I have always had a problem with depositing and withdrawing money.
I made deposits and withdrawals with High Performance Wallet, and I can deposit and withdraw in real time, and since I can also manage risk, I continue to use it.”


If you have any other questions about High Performance Wallet, please contact High Performance Wallet Support!
High Performance Wallet does not support telephone calls. Please contact us by email and we will get back to you promptly.